Rifle lost a hard-fought game to the Windsor Wizards in the cold blowing snow at Bears Stadium today. At one point the Bears led 8-6, and were trailing by only 4 going into the 4th quarter, 12-8. Then the Wizards were finally able to get their offense rolling, scoring 24 4th quarter points. Rifle tacked on a late touchdown as Adam Rice hit Taylor Webb in the endzone. The pass and extra point made the final score 36-15.

Ryan Moeller played in only a limited role for the Bears. He suffered a torn hamstring late in the regular season that continued to worsen over the course of the last few weeks. All season Brandon Kittle usually picked up the slack during the rare times that Moeller struggled, but Kittle could not find traction on the snowy surface and was unable to gain his usual yardage.

The Bears finish the season 11-1, with a League Championship and a playoff win under their belts.